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Community Partner Spotlight! Interbank

Posted Date: 08/17/2017

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Community Partner Spotlight! Interbank

Interbank Supports the Graham Steers, Lady Blues and the Rompin Stompin Big Blue Band! Interbank’s annual support of the Graham Athletic Booster Club and the RSB3 Booster Club adds up to a significant number. Since 2007, Interbank has provided 105,120 bottles of water at zero cost to these booster clubs to sell. We estimate that this donation has generated over $110,000.00 for our athletes and band programs! Interbank loves supporting these great groups of young people and we love how large a number this support has become.

This is truly one of those win, win situations that we all hear so much about.

Go Steer, Lady Blues and RSB3

Thank a ton to Mark Denny and Pascal Hosch!