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Retirement Policy


A professional or paraprofessional employee who retires from the District shall be eligible for reimbursement for local leave under the following conditions:

  1. The employee’s retirement is voluntary. i.e., the employee is not being discharged or non-renewed.
  2. The employee provides advance written notice of intent to retire.
    • Contract employees must provide written notice by February 1.
    • Noncontract employees must provide written notice at least 30 days before the last day of employment.
  3. The employee has at least 5 years of continuous service with the District.
  4. The employee retires under the rules of TRS at the time of separation from the District.
  5. Contract employees shall be required to complete the current academic year.
  6. The employee shall not have taken more than 15 days in the year of retirement to qualify for the reimbursement, with the exception of leave taken for FML purposes or religious holy days.

The employee shall be reimbursed for each day of local leave, to a maximum of 50 days, less any days used in the previous two years, at a rate established by the Board. If the employee is reemployed with the District, days for which the employee received payment shall not be available to that employee.

The rate established by the Board shall be in effect until the Board adopts a new rate. Any changes to the rate shall apply beginning with the school year following the adoption of the rate change.