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Investment Reports

Financial Transparency - Investment Reports

School districts are required to comply with the Public Funds Investment Act (Chapter 2256, Government Code) which specifies investment policy guidance and allowable investments for school districts.  Paragraphs 65 and 66 of GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) Statement 3 require disclosures about the legal and contractual provisions that govern the district's deposits and investments.  Section 2256.005 of the Government Code provides the law to be followed regarding investment policy for school districts.  Standard of care is addressed in Section 2256.006, and training requirements are specified in Section 2256.008.  Internal management reporting requirements are detailed in Section 2256.023.

For public information below are links to Graham ISD Investment Reports as presented to the Board of Trustees for the current year. Links to the District Investment Policy can be found under the District Page/Board of Trustees/Policy and then putting "investment" in the search engine.


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