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Travel/Purchase Procedures

  • GISD will reimburse an employee for approved travel expenses with the required documentation. (Expenses included: hotel, mileage, valet, conference fee, misc.)
  • Use the GISD fee and travel reimbursement form for expense reimbursement.
  • $85 Single Occupancy or $165 Double Occupancy
  • Employees will be reimbursed for Valet Parking (Receipt required)
  • Per Diem for meals (No receipts are required)
  • Use School Credit Card to make reservations or GISD will reimburse with appropriate paper work. (Cash Advances will not be made for hotel stays or meals)
  • Provide tax exempt form at time of check in. (GISD will not reimburse for State Tax)

Purchases / Reimbursements 

  • GISD will pay vendors directly or reimburse your activity fund for services provided.
  • Reimbursement of activity fund should be processed with a Purchase Order and a receipt. This procedure should be used sparingly and with your prior approval.
  • Purchase Orders should be used and an invoice from the vendor must be attached to the purchase order prior to payment.
  • Cash advances for meals are allowed (need 2 days notice); otherwise use your activity fund.

Fees and Travel Form 2014-15

Contact Finance Department

Mr. Don Davis
Finance Director
Phone:  940.549.0595
Fax:  940.549.8656