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Strong Fathers-Strong Families

Posted Date: 09/21/2018

Strong Fathers-Strong Families- Graham ISD is pleased to announce our partnership with the Strong Fathers-Strong Families organization!

When fathers become involved in the daily lives and education of their child, they can make a HUGE difference in the outcomes for that child. Just having a father or father figure present can help a child be more prepared for school, perform better in the classroom, and have better behavior.

We encourage all fathers, father figures and ANYONE that wants to attend with a kid to participate in our Strong Fathers-Strong Families events.

      Strong Fathers/Strong Families Schedule for Graham ISD… MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

      September 27th Pioneer Elementary Bring Your Dad to School Day

      October 18th Crestview Elementary Bring Your Dad to School Day

      November 14th Woodland Elementary Bring Your Dad to School Day

      January 14th District Wide Math Night (Location TBD)

      March 7th District Wide Science Night (Location TBD)

Bring Your Dad to School Day- This day gets fathers into the classroom and allows them to see what their children do every day! Dads will eat breakfast with the kids, visit classrooms for about 45 minutes, and then talk about what they observed, why they observed it, and how they can help their children.

Dad and Kid Math Night- At the Strong Fathers math event the dads and kids play math games with cards, dice and/or double nine dominoes. The fathers and kids will be led through various games encouraging participants to learn new ways to learn and instruct the fathers the best way to help their children learn as they play the various games.

Dad and Kid Science Night- During the Strong Fathers science night the dads and kids will build various contraptions that fly and pop while learning science concepts. The facilitator will guide our dads and kids as they complete tasks such as constructing airplanes, rockets, and catapults and then launching them to see them pop, fling and fly!

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