Pep Rally Themes

Posted Date: 09/05/2017

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2017 Pep Rally themes and Dress up days

Please dress up and decorate your space to cheer on the Steers and Lady Blues!

Sept. 1       Sanger Indians – Beach the Indians – Hawaiian /Luau /Beach wear


Sept. 18-22     Burkburnett Bulldogs – Push the bulldogs WAY BACK


Monday – Movie Character Monday – Dress like a movie character from the past

Tuesday - Tie Dye Tuesday – Wear tie dye

Wednesday - Western Wednesday – Dress like the wild, wild, west

Thursday - Throw back – Pick a decade to dress like

Friday – wear your favorite Graham Steer/Lady Blue gear from the past or present

Sept. 29      Stephenville Yellowjackets – School the yellow jackets – Wear fav. College shirt 

Oct. 13       Bridgeport Bulls – Pink out the Bulls – Wear PINK

Nov. 3      Vernon Lions – Cage the lions – Circus themed

Dress must meet school dress code

Please Wear Steer Gear on all other Fridays to help cheer the Steers to Victory!